• Poway to the People


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    Poway to the People

    There are many reasons to join a fitness studio instead of a big gym. What’s wrong with big gyms? For starters, they’re often packed. Do you really want to wait in line to use the exercise machines of your choice? On occasion, at a larger gym you might even find yourself jostling with another customer, arguing about whose turn it is to use a piece of equipment. And not to put too fine a point on it, but the more people there are crammed into a workout space, the more germs there are floating around during cold and flu season, the more sweat there is lingering on machines, and the more odor there is floating in the air.

    Big gyms are, by their very nature, corporatized and impersonal. They’ve been established to earn profits for the large companies which own them, and to that end, their employees are often trained as salespeople. That means many times when you approach an employee at a large gym – as friendly as he or she may seem to be – that person will really start to exert the sales pressure. These “trainers” are especially forceful if, and this is often the case, they’re working for commission. That is, they’ll try to sell you all sorts of things you don’t necessarily need: pricier membership plans perhaps, or maybe pieces of workout gear like tote bags (which are greatly overpriced in many instances).

    In addition, trying to break a gym membership can be as difficult as trying to steal gold from Fort Knox. Many membership contracts at big gyms are worded in extremely tricky ways – they’re legally airtight and offer the customer no leeway whatsoever. Thus, if your job forces you to move, or you get injured, don’t expect to receive any sort of refund from a large gym.

    By contrast, most fitness studios revolve around the needs and wants of their clients. They’re smaller, with fewer patrons, and therefore it’s much easier for their employees to really get to know their customers as individuals, to offer them more personal advice about specific exercises, nutrition, and so on. But being smaller does not mean skimping on quality: the vast majority of fitness studios offer all the same pieces of exercise equipment and machines that the larger gyms do.

    A great example of a client-centered fitness studio is Pure Motion in Poway, California. Pure Motion offers a variety of approaches to fitness, so you can choose the program most comfortable for you: there’s yoga, there’s training for individuals, there are group training sessions, and more. The Group Method program is especially fun: it involves 40-minute-long sessions combining resistance training, cardiovascular routines and Pilates so as to work the entire body – all major muscle groups. In other words, it offers the most fat-burning and muscle-toning in the least amount of time. If you’re unsure as to whether this Group Method program would work for you, you can try an unlimited number of classes for one week at a cost of just $20.

    One of the most important, and perhaps one of the less-discussed, aspects of fitness success is enjoyment. When you go to exercise, do you derive pleasure from the experience? If so, you’re much more likely to stick with your fitness routine. However, if going to work out is a chore – if it’s a cold, impersonal experience in which you have to compete for machines and dodge salespeople – you’re much more likely to abandon that routine, and suffer the health consequences for it. Fortunately, Poway’s Pure Motion Fitness studios like it, are dedicated to offering the most joyful exercise opportunities possible.

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  • Interval Training for Weight Loss


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    Interval Training for Weight Loss and Toning

    When you’re interval training, you’re accomplishing several things, all of them important to your health. You’re burning fat and calories. You’re increasing your endurance. You’re lowering your risk of getting a chronic illness. You’re maximizing the time you spend working out. And you’re making your workouts more fun and engaging. Here is our schedule for our interval training classes.

    Interval training is also known as HIIT, which stands for ‘high-intensity interval training.’ An interval training session includes intense periods of exercise followed by periods of less strenuous exercises. These sessions can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or longer, depending on your schedule and on what your body seems to prefer.

    When you engage in HIIT workouts, you really expend the energy that’s stored within your body fat, and that means visible results faster. HIIT programs have been known to target stomach fat in particular, and stomach fat is a notoriously difficult type of fat to eliminate. Other forms of working out – say, a daily thirty-minute jog – don’t attack body fat as efficiently, and so they’re not as effective at slimming a person down.

    When you first embark on an interval training program, it’s wise to use a one-to-five ratio for intense exercise and recovery times. That means for every one second of intense exercise, you should perform light to moderate exercise – this is the recovery period – for five seconds. Or, to use a concrete example, for every minute that you run full-speed on a treadmill at the gym, you would jog on that treadmill for five minutes. As you get stronger and your endurance improves, however, you want to work toward achieving a ratio of one-to-three, or even one-to-two, in which you would, to use the same example, run as fast as you can on a treadmill for a minute, then jog for two or three minutes. If you haven’t tried this sort of exercise setup before, you might be amazed at how fast an hour can pass.

    At the same time, though, don’t keep your intervals the same length. It’s better to make your first intense interval last for a minute, let’s say, and the next one for three minutes, and the next one for 90 seconds, and so on. By varying the lengths of your intense and moderate intervals, you prevent your muscles from settling into a routine. When muscles perform exercises by rote, it’s harder to obtain visible results.

    Remember that just about any form of cardiovascular / aerobic exercise can work for interval training. That is, that pattern of intense periods interposed with moderate periods would work with swimming, bicycling, using a stair-climbing machine, etc. In fact, it makes sense to vary the aerobic exercises you do as often as possible, so as to keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Keep in mind, too, that in order for interval training to be productive, you must complete at least 3 or 4 sessions every week.

    Before interval training sessions, always warm up with ten minutes of light exercise – maybe a walk or a jog – and proceed to 10 minutes of full-body stretching. This kind of warm-up before a HIIT workout will prevent injury. And while intensity is certainly important to any HIIT workout, you never want to exercise so hard that you feel pain, nausea or dizziness. If you do, consult your physician right away.

    Finally, interval training classes at a fitness center can be a great way to make sure your HIIT workouts are properly structured. And interval training with other people can help keep you motivated for an entire session, and make your workouts even more enjoyable.  Check out our schedule for our interval training classes.






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  • Rancho Bernardo Fitness Center Testimonial


    Sandra 150x150 Rancho Bernardo Fitness Center Testimonial







    Rancho Bernardo Fitness center that specializes in weight loss, toning and strength training.  Pure Motion’s Group Training program is a Semi-Private/Small Group Personal Trainer-led workout that provides a total body fitness solution through an innovative 40 minute cardio-resistance, functionally integrated, dynamic exercise session.  All Group Training sessions combine the disciplines of Resistance Training, cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise, and Functional Exercise into a high energy, fun and time-efficient workout.

    Here’s our latest testimonial

    How long have you worked out at any one place? I am going six years strong at Pure Motion Fitness. I am so glad a friend introduced me to the circuit style personal training workouts. I was never able to stick to any exercise routine before; I tried working out at home but lost motivation because I got bored. I tried the larger fitness chains but I didn’t know how to use the equipment or how to put together a strong fitness routine to reach my goals. And I found I need the motivation of a group of people to really push me to work hard. So I spent a long time frustrated trying to find the right workout environment for me.

    Pure Motion Fitness has been that fit for me. With my busy schedule trying to juggle work, family and teenagers schedules I really like that the classes are only 40 minutes long. They are short enough to keep me coming, but long enough to produce great results. The class sizes are small and you get personalized attention from certified personal trainers. They watch your form to help prevent injuries as well as help you get a safe workout with some physical challenges you may be having with shoulders or knees, etc.. They also motivate and challenge you to push yourself to the next level. With the different trainers you also get a variety of workouts which keeps classes interesting and varied.

    I also enjoy the friendships I have made while working out at Pure Motion.  Not only friendships with the other members but also with the trainers.  They are personable and approachable and care about you and your individual goals. It’s a small, fun environment so everyone gets to know each other.  Having other people exercising right beside you makes you push a litter harder than you might do on your own.

    A couple of times during the year, Pure Motion has fitness challenges/contests.  They are challenging and fun and help keep you motivated with your fitness plan.  I plan to continue working out at Pure Motion and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, effective way to work out for a LONG time!

    Here is Sandra’s website if you need Wedding Invitations.



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  • What are the Benefits of Colonics?


    get your sleep1 150x150 What are the Benefits of Colonics?






    What are the benefits of Colonics?  What are they? How are they done? Why should you consider one?

    Dr. Norman Walker wrote that death and disease begin in the colon. Colon Cancer is still the 3rd largest killer in the U.S. and much of this disease and many others are largely avoidable through proper nutrition and periodic colon cleansing. A person would not go years without bathing, nor would they expect a car to drive 300,000 miles without an oil change. Colon Hydro-Therapy, or colonics offers your insides just that, an inside cleansing and rejuvenation.

    Recently Colonics have experienced resurgence as a holistic approach to total body wellness and a tool to prevent disease. It is safe to say that 80% of clients report an immediate change in the way their body feels. The most frequent comments include a feeling of balance, energy and lightness. Often they say that their bloating, gas, cramping, constipation, and other digestive complaints are gone. In addition, many clients claim that migraines, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, sugar cravings, chronic pain, inflammation, skin conditions and infections improve. Weight loss is another happy side effect for people that find their body holding onto toxic pounds even when they have already improved their diet and exercise.

    What are the common concerns?  Is it dangerous? Painful? Addictive? Embarrassing?  The answer to all of these is happily NO. The therapy is conducted in a one hour period of time. The client remains covered throughout the procedure, lies on their back, and a colon hydrotherapist remains in the room to educate and ensure that the process is both comfortable and effective.

    The equipment is FDA registered, self- sanitizing and everything that touches the body is disposable. The water goes through a 4 filtration system and an ultraviolet light before entering the body to assure complete safety and sanitation. A small speculum is inserted in the opening of the rectum and water slowly fills the large intestine allowing the average 5-15lbs of waste and purificated bacteria to begin loosening. When the client expresses that they are feeling full, the therapist simply reverses the flow of water and the body begins to release all of the built up toxic waste.

    The machine is completely self-contained allowing all of the excrement to pass through a view tube before disappearing into the traditional plumbing line without offensive odor or even the need to change positions. This fill and release cycle may be repeated a few times depending on each person’s needs and many times abdominal massage and acupressure points are utilized to increase success. When the session is complete the client receives a green drink to restore balance and probiotics to the body.

    A series of colonics are often recommended to achieve the best results. See Kevin or Kathy for questions or contact information.

    “I have personally used Lacy for a hydro-colonic.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Lacy’s easy going personality and professionalism made this experience educational and rewarding.  The health benefits were felt immediately. I highly recommend her services to all my clients.”  Kevin

    Living Water Rejuvenation Centers

    Fasting, Cleansing, Detox Specialists

    Lacy Pope 760-737-3500

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  • 10 Day Detox Diet – What is it?


    IMG 0312 150x150 10 Day Detox Diet   What is it?










    10 Day Detox Diet for overall health.  What is it?  To make it simple, its a progression of eliminating foods that could be hindrances to your overall health.

    The 10 Day Detox is currently $149.00

    What’s included:

    • 10 Day Menu plan on what to eat and what not to eat.
    • Detox Complex Shake – 20-30 servings
    • Two 10 minute consults with Kevin Moses, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

    What to expect?

    • Weight Loss
    • Increased Energy
    • Improved Sleep

    Kevin Moses, FDN, CMTA, at Pure Motion Fitness recommends the 10 day detox program to all of his clients.  ”I think its one the best ways to jump start a weight loss program.  What you put into your body is everything, food can act like a medicine or a poison.  Finding what foods work for you and what foods don’t is the first step towards getting healthy.”

    Detoxification – the elimination of wastes – has been used to promote health in cultures around the world.  Many health problems may be associated with prolonged exposure to various toxic agents that our bodies may not be able to cleanse completely. 

    During periods of detoxification, certain nutrients are an increased demand to help turn toxic substances into harmless by-products for elimination from the body. The Detox Complex is specially formulated to assist the body with these important nutrients, and is intended as a complement to an elimination diet to promote healthy detoxification activities.

    The first 5 days of the program require a gradual removal of specific groups of food from the diet in the order indicated.  At the same time, you will slowly introduce the Detox Complex.  As you begin to eliminate foods from your normal diet, detoxifying reactions can result such as disturbances in sleep patterns, changes in body temperature, light-headedness, mood swings, headaches, joint or muscle aches, changes in gastrointestinal function, and changes in body odor or breath.  These responses are usually minor and generally lessen in intensity during the program.

    This is not a calorie restricted program.  Many people notice that they’re initially hungry, but that tends to dissipate.  Most people are able to carry on with their normal daily activities while on this program and even experience increased energy.  So relax and enjoy the process.

    Here’s one of our members and their experience.

    If you want more information or what to sign up for the 10 Day Detox, please call Kevin at 858-442-9054

    I work with clients all over the country and look forward to helps others reach their health goals.  So what are you waiting for, sign up today. 858-442-9054

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  • Myofascial Release Pain Reducing Secrets


    The type of muscle tissue with which most people are familiar is skeletal muscle attached to bones. Skeletal muscle is referred to as “voluntary” muscle tissue because it is consciously controlled. It also makes up about 40 percent of one’s bodyweight (if we’re talking about non-overweight and non-obese individuals).

    0 Myofascial Release Pain Reducing Secrets

    Buy yours here.

    All of this bone and muscle is connected, interconnected, covered, perforated, and laced by dense, fibrous, tough, yet flexible tissues made of collagen called ligaments, tendons, aponeuroses, and fascia (or myofascia).

    Whereas ligaments join bone to bone and tendons join skeletal muscle to bone, fascia’s job is to surround muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerve; for some structures, it suspends and holds them in place and for others reduces friction so that they slide smoothly over each other.

    Inflammatory responses (e.g., hotness, redness, swelling, and fluid accumulation) to tissue damage – like a bodily trauma such as a surgical procedure – cause myofascial restrictions. Blood vessels dilate (i.e., widen) as white blood cells collect due to an attraction to the leaking debris from the ruptured cells and capillaries. This swelling applies pressure to nerve endings and consequently movement becomes uncomfortable. Traumatized fascia can deliver stiffness, headaches, muscle spasms, tingling sensations, and chronic body pains. Trauma, therefore, can cause a loss of pliability that result in painful myofascial restrictions which need to be released.

    It was for a long time, and to some people’s minds still is, considered good practice to stretch before vigorous physical activity. Regardless of the lack of importance of a pre-workout stretch to either cardiovascular or strength training sessions, its principal effect pre- or post-workout is upon ligaments and tendons.

    Similarly, warming up via some light activity can raise one’s respiratory rate, increase blood flow throughout the entire body, and elevate core temperature. The warm up appropriately loosens dormant muscles, reduces tightness in all soft tissues not engorged with blood, and increases blood flow into and out of muscles. However, inflammation means the tissue is already too engorged!

    Thus, conventional stretching and other activity may not provide enough, if any, myofascial release and may exacerbate the problem. Other “stretching” approaches to soft tissue treatment are needed.

    The intent of myofascial release is to ease persistent muscular contractions, break down scars, improve circulation and increase fluid drainage, and ultimately return the tissue to a more relaxed and softer condition so that it can stretch appropriately and move unrestricted. Myofascial release is applied through techniques ranging from slow, brief, gentle massaging near the surface of the skin to extended, deep tissue work (also known as direct myofascial release) by a trained therapist with strong hands, knuckles, and elbows applying significant pressure.

    It’s also possible to apply techniques, albeit less gratifying and comprehensive, to oneself for relief. The molded foam roller is a common piece of equipment able to deliver some relief. Foam rollers apply the concept of “autogenic inhibition,” meaning it

    Improves soft tissue extensibility (i.e., muscles’ ability to be stretched), thus relaxing the muscle (i.e., capitalizing on the elasticity or the muscles’ ability to return to its normal resting length and shape after being stretched) and allowing the activation (i.e., contractility) of the antagonist (i.e., pulling in the other direction) muscle to regain balance of tension.

    By placing it under muscle groups, foam rolling is easily directed to and effective on the hips, thighs, calves, and upper and lower back. Simply maintain the pressure of bodyweight on the affected area while slowly rolling about the point of focus. Do so for at least the amount of time as would be done for conventional stretching: no less than 10 seconds.

    A foam roller can be purchased, used at home, and is comparatively inexpensive against ongoing professional therapy; but, you get what you pay for.

    By Michael Chapdelaine October 17, 2012

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  • Caffeine Detox Review


    Going on a Caffeine Detox

    This is a caffeine detox review from one of your members.

    “Since life is not challenging enough (yeah right!), I joined the weight-loss Challenge at Pure Motion to reset my body and get back on track from my “summer fun detour” and continue on my lifelong pursuit of good health and well-being.

    I was actually excited to start the challenge and decided to begin with the 10 day Detox plan.  Giving up caffeine was often the topic of discussion amongst us clients prior to the challenge and in my mind I thought, “how hard can it be really?”  Well, let me tell you, it was not hard to give up my morning coffee but the side effects of going cold turkey were BRUTAL!

    The first day was not so bad.  Just a mild headache that I believed would just go away in a few hours. Wrong! This mild headache snowballed into the headache from hell lasting nearly five days. Around the end of the second day with my awareness focused on my head wishing that I did not have one, I began to notice body aches and low energy.  As much as I wanted to blame the trainers for my body hurting- yes even the ones I did not train with that week- my research had concluded achy muscles and malaise to be part of caffeine withdrawal. It felt like the flu without the gastrointestinal symptoms.

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  • Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge


    Fitness Challenge

    Our Annual Back To School Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge Starts Soon - September 16th through October 25th

    PMF Fitness Challenge Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge


    For just $39…  Win money and prizes and get fit at the same time!

    How can you stay on top of your fitness program, challenge yourself to get even more fit and keep all the good nutritional habits you’ve developed so far while all this is going on?  Pure Motion has the solution!

    6 – week fitness bonus program. 

    Each week, Pure Motion will present you with a “challenge” that helps keep you directed and focused on staying fit through the fall. The goal is to not just complete that challenge for the week, but to keep it going through the entire program, and beyond.  Challenges will cover all areas of food, lifestyle, and exercise.  Every week you will receive an email with the new challenge along with helpful information so you can understand why we chose it, and tips on how you can be most successful at completing it.  There will also be a points system in place to add to the fun… Who doesn’t love a little competition?  Points will be awarded for everything from attending workouts, bringing in a friend or family member to workout, or completing a fitness evaluation with one of the trainers.

    The challenge will begin on September 16th, and end on October 25th.  During the first week, you will be weighed in and measured.

    There will be 3 winners in the categories of: Highest percentage of weight lost, highest percentage of body fat lost, and most points accumulated. We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Let Pure Motion help you plan for success in getting fit through the fall season. Together we CAN do it! Are you in?

    More information to follow.  Please let us know if this something you are interested in.

    25 Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

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    Your Phone (required):


    Please Select an Entry (required):

    25 Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge

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  • Fitness Testimonial from Margaret


    Margaret 150x150 Fitness Testimonial from MargaretI do not come from good stock, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity run in my family and both my parents have had strokes. I lost one of my brothers due to complications from many of these factors. I told myself I was not going to let that happen to me.  After turning 50 last year I knew I needed to get moving through a good fitness program. I am new to the San Diego area and travel a minimum of 2 1/2 hours each day to and from work. I have an office job where I sit at a desk for most of the day. I had no idea what type of gym could accommodate this crazy work schedule and truly motivate me to maintain a regular fitness program.

    Before moving to San Diego, I would walk 4 -5 times a week with a partner and we would cover 10-15 miles a week. After moving, I lost my walking partner. I then tried walking myself and that soon proved I needed accountability. I would find reasons to stay home and not walk at all. So I started looking for a gym, yoga or pilates class that was geared towards beginners. I was so put off by the attitudes of most of the clientele and staff that I knew the big name gyms were out of the question.

    Then I found Pure Motion Fitness.  It was close to my house and the class schedule had perfect workout times for me. But I was nervous.  I felt I was a beginner and I didn’t know if I would fit in with the circuit training style workouts.  Kathy was the trainer on my first night. She was amazing and talked me through each station. She made me feel comfortable with the fact that I was a beginner and encouraged me to not compare myself to anyone else. She showed me how to make each station work for my fitness level and she gave me alternatives when an exercise appeared too hard. I learned how to increase the difficulty level with each exercise as my body got stronger. The workouts were very hard and I used to leave the studio with very wobbly legs but each week I noticed I looked forward to coming back. I looked forward to challenging myself to work harder in the classes. I looked forward to seeing the other members. I really started to notice I was getting stronger and my lower back and knee no longer ached, it was amazing!

    I started in March of this year and I could not jog on a treadmill for longer than a minute. I can now jog for nine minutes. I feel the most healthy I have ever felt. After I knew I would be working out here a long time, I set a goal for myself to run a 5K. Never in my life would I have imagined I could do that. Two weeks ago I finished a 5K Obstacle run/walk. I completed 17 different obstacles, including climbing a tire wall.  I DID IT! And everyone at PMF celebrated with me.  I’m now looking forward to many other challenges as I increase my fitness level! I cannot say enough about, Kevin, Kathy and Erzsi. They are wonderful trainers ; very motivating and helping. I really believe the environment, instructors, members and classes at PMF are a perfect fit for me.

    Margaret Bostwick


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  • Resistance Band DVD for In Home Training


    DWB 3493 300x199 Resistance Band DVD for In Home TrainingResistance band DVD training is a great way to get toned and fit with minimal investment in equipment. Anyone can use Resistance Bands. The issue with resistance band training at home is finding the right work out and sticking with it.

    Even though there are a ton of resistance band workouts on YouTube (several on my Pure Motion Fitness Channel) having a routine that you can follow is essential to your success.

    In cooperation with Dr Nick Yphantides, who is the Chief Medical Director of San Diego County and founder of Health Stewards. We have recently launched the best resistance band in home training DVD currently available.

    This In Home Fitness workout with resistance bands is designed to give you a complete understanding how to use the bands for an effective workout. Resistance bands are one of the most convenient exercise tools on the market. You can use them anywhere; in your home, at the office, at the park and of course the gym.

    This DVD is great for all fitness levels, whether you are just starting out or an avid fitness enthusiast. With over 30 exercise demonstrations to help with weight loss, toning, and strengthening, this resistance band DVD is one of a kind.

    Kevin Moses has been following his passion of health and fitness for the past 20 years. Being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he has worked with thousands of clients to improve their health and well-being. He is excited to share his knowledge in this DVD to help others start on their path towards fitness.

    0 Resistance Band DVD for In Home Training

    BONUS VIDEO: With the purchase of this DVD, you will also get a video on “The 5 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss”.  Email us for the link.

    Resistance band DVD with Kevin Moses and Dr Nick Yphantides is available on Amazon now.

    Amazon 1 Resistance Band DVD for In Home Training


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