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  • Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss Workshop


    Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss Workshop

    Saturday March 18th from 11:00 am – 12:30pm
    Spots are going FAST for this event, Reserve your seat for just $10.

    ***Are you Interested in how balancing your blood sugar can relate to weight loss?

    ***Are you confused by what diet to follow or what to eat for fat loss?

    ***Are you concerned about being diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes?

    ***Then this is the workshop for YOU….

    This will be a hands on workshop showing and teaching you how your blood sugar is effected by food and exercise.  We will be using a glucose monitor (highly recommended you purchase one off Amazon) to check your blood sugar, pre-food, after and after exercise.  Wow, this is going to be an IMPACTFUL workshop and will change your thoughts about blood sugar forever.


    Workshop Highlights:

    ***Learn How to Check your Sugar Tolerance and use that Information for FAT LOSS

    ***How to Lose Fat Through Building Lean Muscle.

    ***Hands-On Blood Sugar Testing Activities (glucose monitor recommended).

    ***What Exercises Have the Biggest Impact on Hormones?

    Location: Pure Motion Fitness 10175 Ranch Carmel Drive #106 92128
    When: Saturday March 18th from 11:00 am – 12:30pm
    Cost: $10 and recommend purchasing a glucose monitor.
    RSVP by March 15th for $10, after its $20
    Call NOW to save your spot Kevin 858-442-9054
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  • Back Pain As a Result of Bad Posture


    Posture Injuries - Lower Back

    Back Pain As a Result of Bad Posture

              Back pain is probably one of the most common injuries among people and having bad posture is a contributing factor. Humans are designed to stand straight up in perfect alignment to achieve the natural curves of the spine. The average adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds, but standing with the head slightly tilted forward or backwards will build up a lot of stress on the cervical spine over time.  Sitting long hours at the computer or always slouching will also add stress to the spine and tighten muscles in the shoulders and chest area. When these muscles become tight, it’s very likely that over time the anatomical characteristics of the spine will change and become abnormal, leading to potential constricted blood vessels and nerves, and muscles, discs, and joints being impaired.

    It’s important that we train our body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on the muscles and ligaments that are used during movements or weight-bearing activities. Let’s imagine what good posture should look like. If you were to stand with your back against a wall, the back of your head, shoulders, upper back, and glutes should be touching the wall. You should also be able to place one hand width between your lower back and the wall. This posture ensures that the spine is in alignment and its natural curvature is balanced.  This may feel uncomfortable at first due to the demanding lifestyles of people in this day and age; that’s why standing with good posture is lost. There are huge benefits that come from practicing good posture. It will help keep bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly in order to prevent injury and strains. Having good posture also decreases the abnormal degeneration of joint surfaces that could lead to arthritis.

    Steps toward achieving good posture begins with a conscious decision to stand and sit with good posture followed by some exercises that you can perform either sitting or standing. Some stretches that you can do to improve your posture includes shoulder blade squeezes, upper-body stretches with the arms and obliques, and also cross-arm stretches. If you have been sitting at a computer for a long time be aware of how you are sitting. Correct sitting position is sitting upright with your back straight and shoulders back. Your body weight should be evenly distributed on both hips and your glutes should be touching the back of your chair.

    Exercising also helps with improving posture. When you strengthen your core and abdominal muscles, this will help you with keeping an upright posture because your back will be more supported. Many people also like to engage in other activities like yoga, massage therapy, or tai chi. Treatments like seeing a chiropractor or undergoing osteopathic manipulation are also other methods found to be helpful with muscle relaxation and posture awareness and improvement.


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  • Weight Loss Challenge – Starts April 25th

    Weight Loss Challenge

    Spring into Fitness with Our Annual Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge Starts Soon – April 25th through June 3rd


    For just $39…  Win money and prizes and get fit at the same time!

    How can you stay on top of your fitness program, challenge yourself to get even more fit and keep all the good nutritional habits you’ve developed so far while all this is going on?  Pure Motion has the solution!

    6 – Week Fitness Bonus Program

    If you know anyone else that would like to participate, there is a special for non-members of $149, which includes the entry fee and 6 weeks of unlimited group classes.
    There is a 6-week fitness bonus program.  Each week, Pure Motion will present you with a “challenge” that helps keep you directed and focused on staying fit through the fall. The goal is to not just complete that challenge for the week, but to keep it going through the entire program, and beyond.  Challenges will cover all areas of food, lifestyle, and exercise.  Every week you will receive an email with the new challenge along with helpful information so you can understand why we chose it, and tips on how you can be most successful at completing it.  There will also be a points system in place to add to the fun… Who doesn’t love a little competition?  Points will be awarded for everything from attending workouts, bringing in a friend or family member to workout, or completing a fitness evaluation with one of the trainers.
    This challenge will begin on April 25th, and end on June 3rd.  During the first week, you will be weighed in and measured.
    There will be 3 winners in the categories of: Highest percentage of weight lost, highest percentage of body fat lost, and a drawing with points accumulated. We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Let Pure Motion help you Spring into fitness the right way. Together we CAN do it! Are you in?


    Please use this form to contact us by email. We’ll respond as quickly as possible!
    Or feel free to call us at: 858-442-9054.

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  • Eating a High Fiber Diet Helps Boost Weight Loss


    Eating a High Fiber Diet Helps Boost Weight Loss


    Eating a high fiber diet has been shown to help boost weight loss. You might be wondering what fiber is and what foods are high in fiber? To start off, fiber is the plant-based parts of foods that the body can’t break down and so it passes through the body undigested. Fiber is commonly categorized as either insoluble or soluble. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water. It can be found in whole grains, wheat cereals, and vegetables such as carrots, celery, and tomatoes. The indigestible quality of insoluble fiber provides a health benefit such as preventing or relieving constipation. Soluble fiber on the other hand can dissolve in water and it helps control blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol. Good sources of soluble fiber are oatmeal, beans, nuts, apples, berries, and citrus fruits. There are also foods that contain both types of fiber as well. Foods that do not contain fiber are meats, dairy, and sugar. You may see often at grocery stores foods that are labeled as “enriched” or “refined”. This means that they have been altered so that all or most of their fiber has been removed. A rule of thumb when shopping for high fiber foods is that the less processed the food is, the higher fiber content it has.

    So how will eating fiber help you lose weight? There are multiple benefits of eating fiber and the combination of all of them improves your overall health in the long run. As mentioned, fiber is indigestible so it increases the bulk in your stool and softens it, which makes it easier to pass. This may also help clean out the colon and balance the good bacteria that live in your gut. Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol by lowering low-density lipoprotein, also known as the “bad” cholesterol, and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease drops by about 9% for each 7 grams of fiber eaten per day. For individuals who suffer from diabetes, eating more fiber has been shown to slow down the absorption of glucose, thus improving and controlling their blood sugar levels. Furthermore, foods high in fiber generally tend to make a meal feel larger thus filling you up and preventing you from overeating. Based on all of these benefits it’ll be a lot easier for you to lose weight or maintain it with a high fiber diet.

    The daily requirements of fiber is dependent on each person, however, the general guideline is between 20-30 grams per day. Believe it or not, most people only get half of that. Rapidly adding too much of any one type of food source into your diet can upset your digestive system. So, you should gradually and wisely add more fiber into your daily diet to start experiencing the many wonderful and beneficial things that it does for our bodies.





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  • What are Probiotics?


    What are Probiotics?

    We’re familiar with the use of antibiotics, but there’s also been an increasing interest about probiotics. But what exactly are probiotics and why should we know about them? To start off, our bodies are comprised of natural microflora or bacteria and yeasts that are necessary for the normal functioning of our body systems such as digestion. Specifically, the gastrointestinal tract has a community of bacteria living throughout it that serves to prevent pathogens and other bad bacteria from disrupting the normal bacterial and yeast population. These are the probiotic bacteria. One common bacteria in the intestines that is good for us is the lactic acid producing bacteria Lactobacilli, which is also found in yogurt. This segues into the concept of probiotics which are live bacteria and yeast that can be formulated into many types of products, including foods, drugs, and dietary supplements.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Probiotics are often being recommended by nutritionists and sometimes by doctors to improve intestinal health and stimulating efficient immune function. Depending on the bacteria strain and product, the dose needed for probiotics will vary. Numerous studies have been conducted that document the effects of taking probiotics on a variety of gastrointestinal and extraintestinal disorders such as Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and even vaginal infections. A variety of other clinical applications have been made about probiotic effects including the prevention and treatment of acute diarrhea, treatment of a subset of patients with atopic eczema, and a reduction in abdominal bloating and flatulence among those who suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). About one third to half of Americans are unaware that they have some form of a digestive illness. Overtime, if left untreated, the conditions may worsen and become even more detrimental to one’s health.

    So why would someone consider taking probiotics? In recent times, there’s a high use of antibiotics among the population. Antibiotics can’t differentiate between the types of bacteria and thus just destroys all of the ones throughout the GI tract including the good bacteria. Having an imbalance in your gut bacteria will inhibit thyroid hormone activation thus slowing down one’s metabolism. Furthermore, the presence of bad bacteria in the intestines is also on the rise due to diets high in processed foods and in individuals who unaware of food sensitivities that they may have. When this happens, we are at risk of bad bacteria and the yeast candida multiplying and producing a buildup of toxins absorbed into our bodies. This imbalance between good and bad bacteria will create a dysfunctional digestive system that can result in slow metabolism, imbalanced hormones, insulin resistance, weakened immune system, and not getting a good night’s sleep. The combination of a dysfunctional digestive system and the buildup of toxins on the body may actually be one of the reasons behind not being able to lose weight and reaching ideal body composition goals.

    Since beginning my internship at Pure Motion Fitness in February, I was introduced to probiotics and have since been using the product. Before taking probiotics I was always bloated and experienced a lot of abdominal discomfort for the past four years. Last year I was even placed on antibiotics after being diagnosed with a form of the stomach flu. I’ve been taking probiotics for two months now and have definitely noticed a big difference in the way I feel internally. My bowel movements have been more regular and I’ve had less bloating and abdominal discomfort overall throughout the day. What I like about taking probiotics is that it’s not a medication that only serves to suppress acid reflux or treat the discomforting symptoms. With the help of probiotics I’ve been able to restore the balance of bacterial flora back into my gut and improve my digestive system, which is beneficial for my overall health.

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  • Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge Starts October 10th


    Small color text



    Back to School


    Starts Soon – October 10th through November 21th



    October 10th from 8:00am-12pm BodyComp will be on-site from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. performing Total Body Composition scans; 5 minutes, head-to-toe, fully clothed, lying comfortably on your back.

    Report Metrics & Details:
    Total Body Composition
    Body Fat %, Total Mass (lbs), Muscle Mass (lbs), Fat Mass (lbs), Bone Mineral Content (BMC – your skeleton), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Bone Density, Body Fat Distribution, A/G Ratio, Muscle Balance and more).
    Regional Body Composition
    Arms, Legs, Torso, Abdomen & Hip Region
    Muscle Mass baselines for each region
    Fat Mass baselines for each region

    Spots are limited, to RSVP, simply click the link below:
    Sign me up for the Body Scan, $49 – October 10th!

    Sign ups start September 12th for the Weight Loss and Fitness challenge.

    For just $39… Win money and prizes and get fit at the same time! How can you stay on top of your fitness program, challenge yourself to get even more fit and keep all the good nutritional habits you’ve developed so far while all this is going on? Pure Motion has the solution!

    If you know anyone else that would like to participate. There is a special for non-members of $149. This includes the entry fee and 6 weeks of unlimited group classes.

    There is a 6-week fitness bonus program. Each week, Pure Motion will present you with a “challenge” that helps keep you directed and focused on staying fit through the fall. The goal is to not just complete that challenge for the week, but to keep it going through the entire program, and beyond. Challenges will cover all areas of food, lifestyle, and exercise. Every week you will receive an email with the new challenge along with helpful information so you can understand why we chose it, and tips on how you can be most successful at completing it. There will also be a points system in place to add to the fun… Who doesn’t love a little competition? Points will be awarded for everything from attending workouts, bringing in a friend or family member to workout, or completing a fitness evaluation with one of the trainers.

    This challenge will begin on October 10th, and end on November 21st. During the first week, you will be weighed in and measured.

    There will be 3 winners in the categories of: Highest percentage of weight lost, highest percentage of body fat lost, and most points accumulated. We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Let Pure Motion help you plan for success in getting fit into this New Year. Together we CAN do it! Are you in?

    Cost: Early Bird Special of $39 before October 1st; $49 after.

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  • Your Hormones and Storing Fat


    Your Hormones and Storing Fat

    Hormones are responsible for a lot of body functions, including the burning and storage of fat. In order to lose fat, you must first have a well-functioning body and that means restoring the hormones that are in charge of fat-burning and fat-storing.  Hormone imbalances of any kind will undermine all your efforts of trying to lose fat.  Some health problems that are in regards to hormones are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.  Hyperthyroidism is a condition when there is too much thyroid hormone which can cause chronic anxiety, give you heart palpitations, and even cause disrupted sleep. Hypothyroidism is having low levels of thyroid hormone which will cause weight gain, hair loss, and feeling cold even on a sunny day.  As of recently, fat has been discovered as a hormone-producing organ just like the thyroid, adrenals, and pancreas.  So then what happens to our fat stores when we are dieting?

    To begin, let’s first become familiarized with hormones secreted by fat.  Leptin is the hormone secreted by the white fat tissue, or otherwise known as the unhealthy fat. It is also in direct communication with the hypothalamus gland.  During homeostasis, the hypothalamus maintains your metabolism and appetite.  Let’s say for instance though that your storage of fat begins to run low, your metabolism will not necessarily want to be functioning at its full potential therefore the hypothalamus tells the thyroid gland to turn off.  Secondly, the hypothalamus increases function, thus increasing our appetites.  This is one of the reasons why 95% of dieters regain all of their lost weight because the body is engineered to slow down metabolism and increase appetite when there are insufficient fat stores.  Overweight and obese people obviously carry a lot more fat on their body which means they are producing a lot more leptin.  Over secretion of leptin however, has caused the hypothalamus to become leptin resistant.  Being leptin resistant essentially means that the brain thinks fat stores are low in the body which in turn slows down metabolism and increases appetite. When someone is leptin resistant, they may find themselves overeating, have frequent blood sugar spikes, high fat storage, excessive fructose consumption, and even chronic stress. In the previous posts, we learned that having high levels of the stress hormone cortisol leads to health problems like extra fat storage.  Leptin resistance and having low levels of it also causes cortisol to increase dramatically.  As far as dieting goes, the bottom line is that dramatically cutting out fats will more likely lead to weight gain than weight loss due to the hormonal imbalances that occur.

    Despite being told that fat is not good for you, our bodies need the healthy kinds of fat for energy and body functions.  Healthy fats are the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega-3s.  Some healthy options to try are olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and salmon. The unhealthy fats are trans fats and saturated fats which are found in foods like cheese, butter, chicken with the skin, and chips. So instead of completely cutting out fats, incorporate healthy fats to replace bad fats in order to control your weight and meet a healthier well-being.

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  • How to Help Heal the Stomach


    Abdominal discomfort is never pleasant to deal with. It may be a minor issue at first, but if the underlying issue is never addressed, the problem will most likely worsen and thus becoming an obstacle in your lifestyle. Here are a few common digestive disorders and its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

    Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) – involves the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) – the muscle that connects the esophagus with the stomach. In people who have GERD the LES doesn’t work properly like a valve to keep stomach acid in the stomach, therefore it leaks out and rises up to the esophagus. This is also sometimes referred to as acid reflux that usually results in having heartburn or dysphagia. Heartburn is the most common symptom and can often be mistaken for the pain associated with heart disease or a heart attack. Exercise may aggravate the pain associated with heart disease; however, heartburn pain is less likely to result from physical activity. GERD is pretty common and affects about 1 in 5 people at least once a week. Some of the risk factors includes: being obese or overweight, eating too many fatty foods, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, pregnancy, hiatus hernia, and stress. Coffee and chocolate may also cause the LES to relax, thus weakening it. Based on these risks factors, a change in lifestyle and diet will show the biggest improvements for most people who treat this disorder. Exercising regularly and eating more healthy meals can also help jumpstart weight loss.

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – affects the large intestine or colon. IBS symptoms include abdominal cramping and discomfort, bloating, constipation, gas, diarrhea, alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea, and clear or white mucus with the stool. During a doctor visit, they will check if there is abdominal pain or bloating that clears up when stool is passed, abdominal pain or bloating linked to bouts of diarrhea or constipation, and stools that pass more frequently than normal. The guideline for diagnosing someone with IBS is that these symptoms must be present for at least six months. It is not known exactly what causes IBS; however, there are some triggers and factors that put a person at risk of getting this disorder. Some common food triggers may include fats, fruits, spices, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. For other people stress may cause signs and symptoms of IBS to be worse or occur more frequently, but it is not the primary cause of IBS. Hormonal changes may also play a role in IBS because it has been found that women are twice as likely to have IBS. During menstrual cycles, many women experience worse symptoms of IBS and it probably has to do with the hormone changes. Furthermore, you’re more likely to have IBS if you are young, a female, have a family history of IBS, and have a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression. In many cases of IBS, simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can provide relief. Some of these changes may include eating fiber because it will help reduce constipation. Fiber can be found in foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables and beans. Exercising regularly will also help relieve depression and stress due to the influx of the “feel good” hormone dopamine. It also stimulates normal intestinal contractions to lessen abdominal discomfort.

    Diverticulitis – Diverticular disease is when sacs or pockets (diverticula) of the wall of the colon start to develop. Symptoms include severe cramping pain that is usually worse on the left quadrant of the abdomen. Aging and hereditary factors play a role in the development of diverticulosis and diverticulitis, but diet seems to be a bigger influence. A lack in fiber and high refined foods can increase the risk of diverticulitis. Constipation, smoking, being overweight, and the use of anti-inflammatory medication are other factors that increase the risk of diverticular disease. If you experience consistent constipation, this may create enough pressure in the intestinal walls and overtime they will weaken and begin developing the sacs and pouches. If these pouches become filled with fecal matter or indigested food, they are very vulnerable to infection, leading to more severe pain and inflammation and the diagnosis of diverticulitis. The best ways to prevent diverticulitis is to modify your diet and lifestyle as well. Eating foods high in fiber will aid in easing bowel movements, and regular exercise will strengthen intestinal muscles which will also aid bowel movements.

    Overall, it’s clear that clean healthy eating and regular exercise helps promote a healthier digestive system and body. It’s important to listen to your body and notice when certain foods you eat trigger discomfort. Noticing these signs and symptoms as soon as they occur will help you prevent a digestive disorder from developing or improve the conditions of an existing one.

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  • Do you have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or headaches?


    YouTube Preview Image


    Sat April 25th @ 10:15am-11:15am.
    RSVP to Kevin at Pure Motion Fitness 858-442-9054
    10175 Rancho Carmel Dr. #106 92128

    Do you work @ a desk all day or sit in front of a computer for long periods of time? Do you have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or headaches? Do you want to move better, perform better and eliminate pain? Well then this is the workshop for you!!!!

    Workshop to include:

    • A brief lecture on the anatomy of the spine , the importance of proper posture in eliminating current pain and/or movement dysfunction as well as the importance of posture in preventing future pain and dysfunction.
    • Learn the 3 daily key exercises for eliminating poor posture and learn multiple ways to improve mobility, flexibility and strength.
    • Individualized postural assessments, Q&A session.

    More about the presenters

    Todd Sparks, PT, MPT, DPT, CSCS
    Physical Therapist

    Todd is a 2002 graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a 2004 graduate of American International College with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, and a 2012 graduate of Regis University with a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. He is a nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and specializes in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic dysfunction with an emphasis on advanced manual techniques as well as functional rehabilitation. Todd’s goal is to help patients of all ages and levels restore movement, function and return to an active, pain free lifestyle.

    Kevin Moses, CSCS, FDN

    Kevin has been following his passion for health and fitness for the past 15 years. He has a degree in Exercise Physiology and is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He also received a certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, which has allowed him to educate on topics such as hormones, immune function, digestion, and the detoxification functions. He love sharing his passion to help others improve their health and their lives.


    RSVP to Kevin at 858-442-9054


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