Group Training Schedule


Above is our weekly Group Training Schedule.  What kind of classes? Pure Motion’s Group Method program is a “Semi-Private/Small Group” Personal Trainer-led workout that provides a total body fitness solution through an innovative 40 minute “cardio-resistance, functionally integrated, dynamic exercise session”. All Group Method sessions combine the disciplines of Resistance Training, Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise, Pilates and Functional Exercise into a high energy, fun and time-efficient workout.  Right now we have a one week trial for unlimited classes at $20 for all new clients.  Please come and check it out.  We guarantee you will love it.


Stretch Therapy Class

Every Wednesday night at 6:15pm

Friday Stretch has been cancelled until further notice 


This class is 40 minutes in length and includes foam rolling, myofascial release techniques, and deep stretching that provides our bodies with an improved healing state. Many people sit at a desk all day, then sit in traffic, then sit on the couch finishing the day leaving our bodies and health unsatisfied. This class is your jump start into good health and overall well-being.


Stretch Class Fees

  • $5 For members
  • $10 for Non-members

Call now to reserve your spot 858-442-9054


New Yoga Class offered every Sunday at 10:00am-11am

Yoga Class Description:  I combine Hatha yoga with some Vinyasa flow… a combination of stretches and specific poses in a continuous flow.  You will explore your breath and focus on your body in a deep and mindful way. This class will build strength, flexibility, tone, and detoxification.  You will also be challenged to go inside and learn to connect to your breath and your heart.  Of course some fun might happen too!  If you are interested in attending or learning more about the class please call Coreen at 858-395-0936.  There is a fee for the class of $10.