Knowing your metabolic type determines the correct eating plan for you.

The autonomic and oxidative systems have the most influence over how foods behave in your body. The majority of people are either oxidative or autonomic dominant, meaning that one of these systems controls how nutrients behave in the body. The autonomic system is the master regulator of metabolism and is concerned with the maintenance and regulation of energy in your body. There are three metabolic types possible for autonomic dominant people:  1. Sympathetic  2. Parasympathetic 3. Balanced

Top 5 Benefits of the Metabolic Typing Program

  1. Control Cravings
  2. Eliminate Hunger Between Meals
  3. Increase Energy
  4. Increase Your Sense of Well-Being
  5. Promote Weight Loss

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Are you ready to find out more about your Metabolic Type and learn the right foods for YOU that help with weight loss, cravings, energy, and mood?

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  • In Depth Health Questionnaire and Interpretations 
  • Introductory Package Included
  • Weekly Follow Ups, Either on Phone or in Person
  • 4 Weeks of Education

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