And the Winner is…

Good news and bad news.  Looks like Kevin lost the most % weight.  He went from 222.6 lbs to 215.2 lbs.  Total weight loss 7.4 lbs with a 3.4% weight loss.  His secret is intermittent fasting, definitely works.  This means he won’t have to pay the winner of the challenge $150 but they still win a nice sum of $300.

The good news is, we still have winners.

Chuck won the most check ins and reviews.  If he wants it, he won a free massage from Julianna.  I’ll give you details on Monday.

I know Margaret won’t believe this but she won the weight loss challenge. She lost a total of 6.2 lbs with 2.6% loss of weight.  Congratulations and awesome job.  Hard work pays off.

Yes, the challenge is over, but that does not mean you can stop.  Keep the hard work going.