Group Training

Pure Motion’s Group Method program is a “Semi-Private/Small Group” Personal Trainer-led workout that provides a total body fitness solution through an innovative 40 minute “cardio-resistance, functionally integrated, dynamic exercise session.” All Group Method Classes combine the disciplines of Resistance Training, Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise, Pilates and Functional Exercise into a high energy, fun and time-efficient workout.

Per Month – Pricing

  • One-Time Enrollment Fee $99
  • Once a Week $99 – 4 Sessions Per Month
  • Twice a Week $149 – 8 Sessions Per Month
  • Unlimited $199 – Unlimited Sessions Per Month
  • VIP Unlimited $239 – Unlimited Sessions Per Month, Monthly Progress Monitoring, Texting Accountability System, Weekly Food Log Analysis

Per Class – Pricing

  • 1 Class $30
  • 10 Classes $225
  • 20 Classes $399

Personal Training

Pure Motion Fitness is a premier fitness training studio that provides highly educated, experienced and passionate personal trainers. The personal trainer team delivers innovative, functional, fun exercise sessions that vary each visit and are goal specific. We offer a family-oriented environment and help our clients achieve unparalleled body composition change results and improved quality of life.

One-on-One Personal Training – Pricing

  • 5 Sessions (1 a week): $82/session = $410 – You will learn the basics of strength training, flexibility, and nutrition.
  • 10 Sessions (1-2 a week): $77/session = $770 – Wellness program; weight loss, increased energy, and flexibility.
  • 20 Sessions (2-3 a week): $72/session = $1440 – You will have transformed your body and health to a new level.
  • 5 Sessions – 30 Minute – $49 per session = $245
  • 10 Sessions – 30 Minute – $44 per session = $440

In-Home Personal Training

Servicing Poway, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Santaluz, Fairbanks Ranch, Carmel Valley and more… Pure Motion In-Home Fitness focuses on YOU! It’s convenient, you don’t have to battle traffic and, above all, the programs are designed specifically for your goals. We will provide you with a highly educated, experienced and passionate personal trainer that will be on time every time. Prices subject to change depending on distance and travel time.

In-Home Personal Training – Pricing

  • 5 Sessions: $100/session = $500 – You will learn the basics of strength training and flexibility.
  • 10 Sessions: $95/session = $950 – Your overall health will improve; weight loss, increased energy, healthier eating, increased strength, and flexibility.
  • 20 Sessions: $90/session = $1800 – You will have built a strong foundation for a healthy life.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ™ is a holistic discipline that unites functional laboratory assessments with individual Metabolic Typing ® to identify imbalances, dysfunction and underlying conditions at the root of many common health complaints. FDN embraces biochemical individuality while providing a precise methodology and logical sequence to achieving repeatable, consistent and successful clinical outcomes.

Click here for more information on hormone testing, liver detoxification, and the checking out the immune system.

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